Tuesday 14 June 2016

Duendes Caseros / Homley Sprite

Project: Illustrated Children´s Book
Name: DUENDES CASEROS (Homely Sprite)
30 Illustrations, layout, and book design.
Publisher: EDAF, Spain. ISBN:9748441436251


Is a book for readers aged 7 to 100, the book includes the detailed descriptions of 21 household sprites. Each one of them having an especific entry in which the author describes their dwelling place, their most curious traits of character, some of their funniest rhymes and favorite songs... Sprites are not easyly spotted, they tend to camouflage themselves with everyday objects: toasters, plugs, lamps, curtains, rugs... Though harmless, they can be sometimes naughty, and very much inclined to play pranks and jokes on humans, especially on adults.

Illustrated children's book full of fantasy and wit. It is a book with descriptions of 22 different household elves, those that live in the most hidden corners of a house, and most of the times go unnoticed by humans, especially adults.

Book is available Here


Es mas bueno que el pan, incapaz de hacer daño,

lo que tiene te lo da, no es para nada tacaño.

Lo que resulta algo extraño es que el lugar donde mora

es la vieja tostadora, en la cual las rebanadas,si son muy gruesas, se atoran.

Texto M.Gabriela Lovera

Marketing and Publicity material:

Design: Cards, Bookmarks, packages stickers, Signature Event invitation, and animated gif for social medias.

Duendes Caseros is published by EDFA, March 2016

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