Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Post the Kittie & Dulcie


Copy from their page:

Kitty & Dulcie – a work of art

Daniela Guglielmetti, has produced these eye-catching illustrations in a special project for Kitty & Dulcie. Her passion for capturing personality via portrait painting in various mediums such as watercolour, collage and ink shines through in her artwork. Her company ‘The Drop-In Artist’ enables subjects to have a sitting in the comfort of their own surroundings where a series of  portrait sketches are  drawn. The Drop-In Artist ‘Wedding’s‘ includes portrait sketches of guests as a souvenir of the occasion or you can commission a piece of art which consists of a drawing that is made whilst the wedding is taking place where Daniela will feature elements of the day including your guests and decoration. How unique.

Cherry Soda for our Cherry Baby bride
Chic Dorothy Dream bridesmaid dress interpretation.
Retro Red satin bow take your fancy?
So much ruffle love for our Bobbi Dazzler wedding dress.
City Slicker girl.
Sweet, sweet love with Kitty & Dulcie.

With thanks to Daniela The Drop-In Artist

Monday, 17 October 2016



A “Story-drawing“ project with twist of fashion illustrations and vintage comics, inspired on some of the dresses for sale on their web page. I met Kitty and Dulcie at the recent National Wedding Show.
Kitty and Dulcie are chic Budget wedding dresses!
United Kingdom 2016

To see more about this project and my online illustrator portfolio visit Dagugl

Detalles del dibujo Collage para la marca Kitty & Dulcie. Diseñan vestidos de boda con un aire vintage a buen precio. Conocí a Shelley y a Kirstie en mi vuelta por la feria nacional de Bodas en el Olympia, el pasado mes de Septiembre en  Londres. les escribí para hacer una colaboración por que me encantó el estilo de ellas y la propuesta de su marca.

''You've created such a vibrant piece of artwork which is sophisticated and elegant and yet you've also cleverly captured the fun, easy-going spirit of the Kitty & Dulcie brand.''

With kindest regards and thanks
Shelley & Kirstie

P.s Going to print it out and pop it in a frame for the office wall xx

Monday, 10 October 2016

New concept of Portrait "City Town Portrait"

Sometimes places can make us remember a special moment. Having done a portrait of that special city you love, highlighting those places that trigger your most beloved memory will help you to remember and also bring you back the feelings you associated with it
In this sample, Somebody´s Reading Town
My client wants to give a surprise to a friend. Together they visit Reading and he decided which places he wants to portrait in a single drawing. So he chose part of the Keneth River from a specific point of view, the higher tower in Reading and The Valpystreet restaurant located in 17-19 Valpy St, Reading RG1 1AR www.valpys.co.uk